Video & TV Cast

Stream Web Videos From iPhone, iPad And Android To Your Big TV Screen.

Enjoy web videos in full HD 1080p on your big TV screen. No cable, no laptop, no server, no complex setup, no additional hardware needed. Just use your iPhone, iPad or Android device to tap and stream.

Video & TV Cast plays the actual video directly on your TV or streaming player, so you can use other apps while playing.

The #1 App since 2014 supports Chromecast, Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Google Cast powered TVs and many more (including DLNA). Video & TV Cast gets regular updates to ensure support for the latest websites and video formats.

Cast Web Videos

Browse through the internet, search for web videos and start the video on your TV or streaming player with a few taps.

Local Videos

Stream recorded or imported videos from your iOS / Android to your TV or streaming player and enjoy the show on the big screen.

Premium Features

Take advantage of Premium features for convenient and safe browsing and full control over video playback.

24/7 Support

Our support team is always happy to help you with free email support and 24/7 AI powered support chats.

How Does It Work?

Play the video and learn how to stream online videos from your phone or tablet to your TV or streaming player in 30 seconds .

1) Connect Video & TV Cast on your phone or tablet with your TV or streaming device.

2) Open a video website (e.g. youtube) in the integrated web browser and play your video.

3) Press „Tap here to cast“ below the web browser to start casting.

Please note: Connecting devices may vary depending on your streaming setup.

TV Cast - The Original App

Video & TV Cast is the #1 original app, handcrafted with passion by app developers in Germany since 2014. Our mission is to bring any online video on your big screen in just a few seconds, wireless, no matter what devices you have.

In 2014 our startup team recognized the great benefits of casting online videos from mobile phones to large screen TVs instead of watching them on small phone screens. Starting with Google Chromecast the app today supports iOS, Android and all popular TVs and streaming devices, casting 100 millions of videos worldwide.

Thank you for all your support on our journey and helping us to lift video streaming to the next level. We rely on your honest feedback and ratings on the Apple App Store and Google Play to improve the app even further. And please beware of the scammy copycat apps that imitate Video & TV Cast and use our brand name and logo. If you see such an app, please report it to Apple or Google. 

Casting vs. Screen Mirroring

Many people have asked how they can mirror or share their complete mobile screen to other devices. It is important to understand the difference between casting and screen mirroring.


PRO: Saves battery power and wifi bandwidth, as the content is loaded directly by the receiving device (usually a Smart TV). Your mobile device is NOT blocked while watching the content on the receiving device, so you can use other apps as a remote or chat with friends in a messenger.

CONTRA: Casting can be difficult to handle as you have to find your content first and then select each content you want to cast, e.g. videos and images.


Screen Mirroring

PRO: Lets you stream everything that you currently see on your device, including all apps, videos, images.

CONTRA: Battery consumption is high, because mirroring requires your mobile device to keep the screen active at all time. Some apps may produce a black screen while because they prohibit mirroring. Your cannot text or do other things on your mobile device while mirroring, because everything you do will be mirrored.


If your prefer Screen Mirroring, please try our Screen Mirroring apps


Screen Mirroring for Chromecast
Screen Mirroring for Samsung, LG & Smart TVs
Screen Mirroring for Roku
Screen Mirroring for Fire TV

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