Video & TV Cast

Stream Videos, Movies, Sports And Live TV From iPhone, iPad And Android To Your Big TV Screen.

Enjoy videos, movies, sports and tv shows in full HD 1080p on your big TV screen. No cable, no laptop, no server, no complex setup, no additional hardware needed (like Apple TV). Just use your iPhone, iPad or Android device to tap and stream.

Video & TV Cast uses true video streaming, directly on your TV or streaming player. This is a clever and convenient approach for watching videos on the big screen compared to screen mirror apps which just duplicate your phone or tablet screen on your TV. Video & TV Cast does not lock your phone or tablet while watching videos, so you can use other apps during the show. The app is also easier to set up, consumes less battery power and less wifi bandwith.

Video & TV Cast supports Chromecast 1+2+Ultra, Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Google Cast powered TVs and many more (including DLNA). The app gets updated regularly to ensure support for the latest websites and video formats.

Integrated Web Browser

Browse through the web and stream videos you like. A tap on the discovered video link will start the show on your TV or streaming player.

Camera Roll Access

Stream camera roll videos to your TV or streaming player. Just select the video from your camera roll list or video gallery and enjoy the show.

Advanced Settings

We’ve added several advanced settings to give you more control on streaming and easier access to websites. Enjoy the easiest streaming experience.

How Does It Work?

Play the video and learn how to stream online videos from your phone or tablet to your TV or streaming player in 30 seconds .

1) Connect your mobile device + streaming device.

2) Open a video website (e.g. youtube) in the integrated web browser.

3) Play your favorite video in the web browser.

3) Press “Tap here to cast” below the web browser to start casting.

Please note: Connecting/setup may vary depending on your streaming device.

Choose Your App Edition

Video & TV Cast is available in different app editions, each optimized to give you the best streaming experience on a specific TV or streaming platform.

Please pick your device brand or platform to download the app edition tailored for your hardware.