Cast Web Videos to Roku

Video & TV Cast makes it super easy to cast a web video to your Roku Streaming Player or Roku TV in under 30 seconds. It just takes 3 steps. It works with almost all Roku powered devices, except for very old devices that lack streaming features.

1. Connect

Tap the cast icon to connect your phone or tablet to your Roku Player or Roku TV.


2. Open Website

Open a website (e.g. YouTube) in the integrated web browser and play the video.


3. Tap to Cast

Tap below the web browser to start casting the video on your Roku.


Roku explained

Roku is a brand of digital media players and smart TVs developed by Roku, Inc. It offers a range of streaming devices and Smart TV models, referred to as Roku TVs, that allow users to access a wide variety of streaming services and media content on their televisions.

Roku devices are designed to connect to your TV via an HDMI port, providing access to a vast collection of channels, apps, and streaming services. The Roku platform offers thousands of channels, including popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+.

Channel Store: Roku has its own Channel Store, where users can browse and install various channels and apps. These channels provide access to streaming services, live TV, news, sports, music, games, and more.

Roku has gained popularity for its user-friendly interface, extensive channel selection, and affordability. It provides a convenient way to stream and enjoy a wide range of content on your television.

App Editions

If you have a different Smart TV or streaming player, please switch to the TV Cast App Edition tailored for your device. Or try the new TV Remote App to control your TV with your phone or tablet while casting.
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